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Hechuang Office Pods Provide the Optimal Solution for Hybrid Workplaces

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With the rise in hybrid work, acoustic pods address the need for on-demand privacy.

The long-term impact of the pandemic will require a blend of products needed to make the hybrid work model successful. This includes workplace products that support in-person collaboration, as well as web conferences.

The acoustic booth is the optimal choice for the hybrid workplace.Phone booths can provide individuals with spaces to take phone or video calls, while larger pods can provide on-demand meeting spaces for small teams, minimizing disruptions in an open office plan.

Office booth

What makes Hechuang pods a good fit for Hybird Workspace?

1. Acoustic Interior

Offering a soundproof space for focused work, around 60% area in the booth covered with polyester fibers- sound proof absorbing material.

2. Electrical Outlet

Each cabin equipped with 12V-USB power supply and power rated for 100V-240V/50-60Hz. So devices can be plugged in for charging.

3. LED Lighting

Each booth mounts 4000K automatic sensing infrared LED lights, standard 150XLS, to meet the needs of daily life. And offer the suitable lighting for video conferences.

Office pod

The interior space of the Hehcuang Office Pod is perfect for web conferences.

Is your office ready for trying? We are happy to help.

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