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Silent Cabin Material


LED Lighting

A cabin mounted 4000K automatic sensing infrared LED lights, standard 150XLS, to meet the needs of daily life.

Sound Insulation Glass

In order to achieve the sound reduction, we tested and use double glazing glassed.

Sound Control Glass

Frameless design back glass panel, based on the USA coast Labs, the hollow glass with good sound insulation.

Locking System

Specially designed special door lock, when the door is closed,lightly press the door handle, the specially designed door will tightly press the double-layer EPDM strip of the door leaf, so that the sound insulation effect in the cabin can reach extreme

Electrical Outlet

The booth equipped with 12V-USB power supply and power rated for 100V-240V/50-60Hz.

Acoustic Interior

Around 60% area in the booth covered withpolyester fibers- sound proofabsorbing material.

Bench Material

Die-casting Aluminium Alloy Surface treatment process: Electrostatic powder spraying, thickness: 80um

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