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How To Pick The Best Table Frame For Your Project

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The most important consideration when selecting the perfect table legs for your project is determining what style of table you would like to create. We have various series about the table frame, and you would pick the best one for your project.


First of all, choose the suitable maritals you like.Office desk frames are made of different materials, the most common of which are die-casting aluminium alloy, hardware, aluminium etc.

1. Die- Casting Aluminium Table Frame

One of the most popular choices of our products, die casting aluminium series always win the most positive feedback. The overall structure is neat and elegant, the unique style will catch your eyes, not just good looking, but also durable, the mainly part is made of die casting aluminium alloy with great quality, with strong hardness and corrosion resistance, has a thick paint surface, which is generally not afraid of scratches caused by friction,economical and practical, and it has long life. 

(Star Model: LF90)

LF90 Table Frame

2. Hardware Table Frame

Hardware series also the star series of office desk frame. It mainly made of steel tube with best quality materials. The overall structure with simple shape, tough lines, dotted with space, greatly satisfy various office scenes. Made a happier office space to work. As well as die-casting aluminium materials, steel also strong and sturdy. With good durability and not rust or deform. (Star Model: LF88)

LF88 Desk Leg

3. Aluminium Table Frame

Aluminium series also a main part of desk legs. Less is more. Being good at heart, being simple in form, simplicity is the advanced form of the complex. Aluminium series always with simple lines, the major material is aluminium alloy. It’s wallet-friendly materials, if you just little budget, you can choose aluminium series.

(Star Model: LF89)

LF89 Desk Frame

Through the above introduction, we believe that you know which model fits you best.If there is no clear answer to the product selection, we will give you a hand, contact us to get more professional recommendations.

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