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Mid Autumn Hot Selling New Product Recommendation

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 The Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, and we are all eagerly waiting for this holiday to allow our families to reunite and spend a wonderful time together. Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival with Chinese characteristics. We can enjoy the holiday and spend this wonderful time with our families. I also hope that you, who have read this article, will not forget to spend more time with your family.

But we should still work hard before the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Mike Table Series

The staff desk of Mike table seties

Essential for green and healthy office work


A.Mike Table Series

  This is our new Mike table series. Whether you want a staff table, electric lift table, pneumatic lift table, training table, or video conference table, you can find it in the Mike table series

  Whether used in conference rooms for meetings or as a desk for employees. This hardware stand ensures that it can meet the needs of different groups of people. Even if the styles are diverse, we will never cut corners in the manufacturing process, and every component is made of hardware.



The staff desk of Mike table seties

   The staff desk in pure white color paired with warm tone office space unexpectedly creates a high-end and stylish conference room space. There is more than one choice of table legs and racks, which can be adjusted according to customers' choice.



Essential for green and healthy office work

  Electric lifting tables are now the mainy and grstream of healtheen work, and you can also find them in the Mike table series. Paired with ergonomic office chairs, they can protect your spine during heavy and tiring work.




The hardware desk rack has unparalleled stability and is also a good choice for customers who like personalized customization. There are also many different office styles to choose from, which is a satisfying experience for consumers who pursue high-end and simple layout.

Hechuang, the expert in producing Table Frame , we are happy to help any office solutions.

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