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The Installation Steps And Attentions Of The Office Desk Legs Stand

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The installation steps and attentions of the office desk legs stand

Office desk frame is an important part of a desk. The stability of the desk stand will directly affect the service life of the desk. So the editor of Hechuang will explain the installation steps and precautions for office desk tripod.


The installation steps of office desk frame

(1) Prepare the materials for the desk tripod: wood board, wood screws, wood slats, nails, 5 cm long M6 bolts.

(2) Tools for the desk frame: tape measure, hammer, saw, hand drill,monkey wrench , Phillips screwdriver.

(3) Firstly, cut out 4 desk legs, 4 desktop support rods, 4 short fixed rods and 2 long fixed rods (two thicker than the short legs).

(4) Drilling: Drill holes at the intersection of four legs according to the required height of the desk. The four holes should be in the same position. Drill holes at the connection between the desk legs and the desktop support rods. The size of drill is slightly larger than the bolt.

(5) Assembling the desk stand: secure the inner legs with short fixed rods, next nail the outer legs, and then fix them with bolt.

(6) When you bolt the table, you will find that the bolt heads protrude from the legs and support rods, so you can’t merge the legs. It is necessary to drill countersunk holes with a large drill bit to allow the bolt head to sink, in order to ensure the stability of the desk stand.

(7) When you install the desk stand, you will see a flat support rod protruding from the top of the desk leg,so you need to cut the excess or desktop won’t fit on the desk leg.  

Fixing the desktop to the desk frame with wood screws.  


Points for attention in the installation of desk stand

(1)When installing a desk stand, it is most important to avoid using violence. If you are not careful, it may cause partial cracking of the desk, affecting the overall structure of the desk frame and the service life of the desk.

(2) Don’t bump against the desk stand, especially some expensive wooden desk.Once bumped, the loss will be great and the paint will be knocked off, which will affect the appearance.

(3) After installation, there will inevitably be dust on the desk stand. However, when cleaning the dust, do not use a damp cloth to avoid the desk damp. You can wipe the remaining tea on the gauze bag to make the surface of the desk bright and clean.  

Pay attention to your safety when you installing the desk stand. Using tools carefully to avoid scratching your hands.

The above is the installation steps and attentions of the desk stand. Hoping these can help you!

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