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What are the application of office booth?

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Office Booths have been a trend recently, you can see them everywhere, they can meet the different needs of daily requirement. They provide you with a confidential and comfortable space. So where are the applications of office booths? 

1. Office space

It can provide you with a quiet and comfortable private space in an open office area. 6063#Aviation aluminum frame, polymer composite sound insulation material, can reach an astonishing 6-level sound insulation level, double-layer hollow sound insulation glass at the front and rear. What’s more, it’s also easy to install and moveable, and you can place it everywhere if you want. It’s perfect for individual work and phone calls. Emergency call, brief meeting, the office booth can ensure your privacy and no leak any information.

Office - booth -

2. Hospital

People who have been to the hospital know that the long waiting time is the unbearable memories in hospital, the noisy and crowded can make you feel anxious. The office pod can bring you a refreshing experience, it can offer you a silent space and you can calm down, the previous pain in hospital is no longer.


3. Shopping Center

Everybody knows that shopping mall is a lively place, it is filled with crowded and noisy, it may not be good for babies and make them cry. If a shopping mall has a simple baby care room in public, it can help parents not feel at a loss when their baby keeps crying, they can in the booth which has effective sound insulation and soothe their babies and stop crying, let they feel comfortable.

shopping center

4. Music Venues

With the economic development and the improvement of people's living standards, many parents arrange their children to attend music classes, the interference of different musical instruments will affect the quality of the classes in music venues. The office booth can provide you with a nice music environment and help you prevent this issue. You can practice in the booth with abandon and don’t bother others outside. So you can just focus on your music absorbedly.


5. Education Space

Movable Office Booth can be applied to a variety of situations. Libraries, training rooms, school buildings, etc. It provides students with the ideal environment. If you want to discuss in a silent library, you can dialogue in booths and booths’People disturbing out of the book quietly. If you want home homework in a noisy training room, you can write in the booth and Tang’T Need to listen to the discussion sound of the training room, just a homework for rest.


The office booth is versatile use, office, hospital, shopping mall, music venues, education space...etc. And more applications need to be discovered by you.

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