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What is a training table?

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Training table

Maybe you can see the training tables everywhere nowadays. With the rapid development of social economy, training tables are widely used in meeting rooms, training rooms, libraries, laboratories and other places, they are convenient to store and occupy a small space to win over customers , compared to regular chairs, folding training tables are equipped with detachable writing pads for people to take notes while studying.  

Training table means the table used for training. Generally speaking, the training tables are divided into three kinds of solid wood training table ,flat training table,and folding training table, all of them belong to modern office furniture category, mainly used for meeting rooms, reading rooms, libraries, training rooms and so on. Our main product is folding training table.

Today we make a introduction about two Hot Sale folding training tables.

Cardi 1.

Start a new era of office, foldable, splicable, and efficient and practical. The model of CARDI is one of the most popular items in training table series.

The sandy white overall steel frame is integrated with feet, fashion, aesthetics, giving users a sense of comfort and semi-private tranquility. The tabletop is easily folded and locked and you can choose the different styles and size of MDF board. Universal rollers, durable, flexible and silent, convenient to move,reduce friction and protect the floor from damage. Enjoy the fun of walking freely, break the space constraints, create the most intimate office platform.

Cardi 4.

The Randy series also one of the star products in our company. It’s a table with high recognition. Instead of complicated design details, it is composed of round flat tubes, gray or white aluminum tubes, perfect match with natural texture of solid wood tops, give space a feeling like a cup of tea in hand. The unique design with electroplated feet,universal rollers, movable and arbitrary combination, is the perfect combination of excellent functions and elegant beauty. It brings a modern and bright design to the administrative office space.

All of the series of training tables can be combined together in different shapes. And you also can choose Matching Products such as steel modesty panel, wood modesty panel,folding bookshelf...


If you are keen on these items, just send us the inquiry and get further details.

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